Sunday, 24 December 2017

Need of Software in Garment Manufacturing and Apparel Industry

When you think about software, the Indian textile and garment manufacturing industry is not something that comes to your mind right up. This industry is the largest employer after agriculture. After Observing the industry in deep VRS Software realized that there is a dire need for advanced software that can optimize usage of fabric.

ERP Software Offers the following benefits of Garment Manufacturing and Apparel Industry:

  • ERP integrates all aspects of the business processes including: Garment Manufacturing, design, customer services, financial, sales and distribution. By integrating business processes and people anywhere in your company, you can enjoy more efficient work flow and improved productivity.
  • Nowadays, retailers and consumers push for lower prices, better quality and quicker delivery. ERP implementation shows your determination to head for those directions. Confidence of your business partners and consumers will be increased.
  • ERP helps business process flow more smoothly and improves the efficiency of fulfillment process. It leads to reduced inventory. Eventually, it decreases the overall business cost.
  • For better ERP software, it helps to reduce or eliminate duplicate work, and automates operational tasks and provides easy access to information. ERP, therefore, can deliver significant time savings.
  • ERP provides the right information to the right people at the right time anywhere in the world, enabling you to improve productivity, enhance decision making and promote communication between co-workers, customers and vendors.
Garment Manufacturing Software

UniERP Benefits
  • Automate and Streamline Business Process With Greater Adaptability.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Improve Productivity.
  • Expand Sales.
  • Improve Customer Service.
  • Increase Revenue.
  • Reduce Operating Costs.
  • Meet Complex Inventory Requirement.
  • Improve Project Management for Customized Order.
  • Support wide range of Manufacturing Process and Business Model.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Six Things That Make Your Distribution Business Faster & Less Dangerous

VRS UNIRetail-6 Retail Software is a complete solution that can manage every factor of your distribution business. Every features you cannot miss in your UNIRetail six.

GST Related Features

Seeing that a government approved GST Suvidha Provider, we, at VRS Software are with you at every step of your GST move with several useful features.

Apart from these, there were essential releases like reverse charge, freight fee, credit note, debit be aware calculations, GSTR3B, GSTR1 and GSTR2 filing. Using these features can help you enjoy a very smooth transition.

Bill Export and Importance

Conserve 70% of time while entering purchases and investment using this feature. All of us have added an option to import an bill that was exported using Uniretail by your dealer. You no longer have to manually enter a purchase if your provider sends you their released sales invoice.

Export and Email in Invoice Move:

Save 50% manual work by emailing your accounts in a single click! From the Export Bill menu, it is possible to deliver email from the application itself, somewhat than locating the released files on the hard disk drive and manually sending them.

Container Management

Save 73% time with this one time process to effectively track every container. This kind of is a complete solution with base and made containers, mapping multiple storage units to an item, destruction return tracking, advance pay in tracking, validations and individual reports. Reports are available to track the complete pot flow to ensure you are able to see what exactly is happening with your storage units.

E-Commerce Integration

Save 70 percent of your time by integrating your UniRetail to your company's eCommerce website thus automatically reflecting sales orders and ensuring that you accurately track your inventory and sales. Combine completely giving your customers the choice to order online and make certain you always have accurate real-time data about your inventory and your sales orders.

Finish Backup of all company directories

Reinstallation is now a very simple 4 step process! We have provided you with an option of taking the complete back-up for all the company databases of all the finanical years, which helps in the easy reinstallation of DE6 when you need to get some new computer.

Ensure that your repository is secure even if your computer or hard disk crash completely with Google Drive Integration. This may save a lot of time and keep your details completely secure. When you need to put in UniRetail-6 on a new system, you simply need to map the database available on Google Drive.

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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Increment your Supermarket Retail Sales with these Secret Strategies

Store retail deals with great volume and benefit is an extreme nut to open. One methodology to Improve retail deals at store is to embrace more client centered procedures to expand unwavering. It additionally requires the selection of good retail innovation, for example, a powerful store charging Software at the front end alongside a productive grocery store Software at the backend or distribution center level.

In this blog we will attempt to examine a portion of the focuses that will cover the previously mentioned two territories of worry to expand the grocery store retail deals.

Loyalty Schemes and Programs

Customer nowadays adores restrictiveness. A decent reliability program will influence them to feel essential and particular from other and will expand the level of steadfastness towards the brand which thus will support the retail deals at grocery store from this Customer. Great client centered faithfulness projects will likewise build the quantity of visits to the store.

Information Gathering and Analysis

Understanding the shopping conduct of customer is the most essential viewpoint to enhance deals. The retailer should ensure that it doesn't miss any information accumulation point, for example, through the criticism back structures, dedication plans and furthermore through the grocery store charging Software. Once the information is gathered it ought to be dissected through legitimate information investigation instrument which could produce bits of knowledge important to devise the business methodology for a retail general store chain. Both of this i.e information accumulation and its investigation ought to be dependable and institutionalized for the right basic leadership.
Information gathering and examination of operations is likewise vital to improve the effectiveness of the store. This will educate the bottlenecks in the operations and after that one can produce the explanations behind it. When this is proficient it is anything but difficult to streamline the operations at the store. For instance by breaking down the TAT for charging and enhancing it to an improved level will upgrade the client's involvement in the store.

Adoption of Latest Technology Driven Supermarket Software

Grocery store Software nowadays constrains not exclusively to only a stock administration or a state of offer Software. It has advanced into a radical new array of apparatuses to improve the client encounter. To improve the general store business a decent retail Software like UNIRetail Software is an unquestionable requirement .VRS Software is thorough retail software for grocery stores that deals with every one of the operations in the retail esteem chain including its robotization, information catching and investigation.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Impact of GST on the Textile and Garment Industry Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Textile and Garment industry play a very important role in the development of the Indian economy with respect to GDP, Export promotion, employment, etc. It is the one of the oldest manufacturing industry in India. It is the second largest industry after agriculture which provides skilled and unskilled employment. In this sector, 100% FDI is allowed by the Government under the Automatic Route.

Present Indirect Taxes Applicable for the Industry

1. Central Excise Duty

Central Excise Duty was first levied on woven garments in 2001. Subsequently the whole textile Industry was brought under the Excise Duty net by 2003. An option for availment of exemption from payment of Excise Duty was introduced vide Notification no.30/2004 with a condition that any manufacturer availing the option is not eligible for CENVAT credit on inputs and input services.

2. VAT / Sales tax

Most of the states in India have exempted textiles and fabrics from levy of VAT / sales tax. Wherever no exemption has been provided, for small players, the option of paying taxes at concessional rates is also provided under composition scheme in many states

3. Entry tax

In many states, entry tax is levied on specified goods when such goods enter local area. Even textiles such as cotton, woolen or silk or artificial silks are liable to entry tax in states like Karnataka at the rate of 1% which is adding to purchase cost.

Contract Manufacturing/ Job Work in Garment Industry

It is the usual practice in the readymade garment industry, that the owners of the brand names out source the manufacturing activity completely or on job work basis. In such cases there are some special provisions for the levy of Excise duty. The liability for the payment of duty which usually rests with the job worker as the manufacturer shifts in such cases to the brand name owner and he is required to register and comply with other formalities relating to levy of duty. Alternatively, Brand name owner can authorize his job-worker to obtain registration and pay the duty on goods.

Input Tax Credit Breakup:

As discussed above, the textiles industry comprises of both regular and composition taxpayers. Most of the manufacturers in the industry are in Composition Segment. Numerous transactions in the textiles industry flow from the unorganized to the organized sector and vice versa. Where Regular/Registered Taxpayer purchases goods from composition Taxpayers, they are not eligible for Input Tax Credit, thus breaking the Cenvat Credit chain. Input Tax credit paid on the previous transaction is included in the cost of the product pushing up the price of the final product..

Small Business Compliance Cost:

Composition scheme Taxpayer is hesitant to join Credit chain as it increases the compliance cost of engaging professional to meet their Tax obligation.

GST IMPACT on Ready-made Garments Industry

The textile industry is characterized by large inter-state movements both in respect of inputs and finished products. It also draws inputs from many other sectors consisting of both goods and services including dyes and chemicals, petroleum products and transport services. There is a large inter-face between organized and unorganized sectors. Given the inter-state and inter-industry movement of goods and services and interdependence of organized and unorganized sectors in the textile industry, the GST will have significant effects on the growth and productivity of the textile sector.

Main Effect: Rate-Revenue Effect

After the application of GST, there will be an increase in the effective tax rate to have a negative impact on the textile sector as compared to current taxation mainly because of current incidence of low tax rate; especially, on cotton value chain; exports however, will not be impacted as it will be zero-rated.

Capital goods scenario

In the current scenario as most of the manufacturers in the textile or readymade garment industry either opt for exemption of tax or for composition scheme without availing the input tax credit, the tax paid on the purchase of capital goods adds on to the purchase cost of the capital goods and recovered over the life of the machinery as depreciation.

In the GST scenario, the taxes paid on purchase and installation of capital asset and equipment can be claimed as Input credit. This will lead to up-gradation and expansion of the Textile Manufacturing Industries with latest Improve technologies.

Monday, 3 July 2017

At long Time Welcome Another Chapter in Indian Economics, "The GST"

The Wednesday of third Aug 1016, a day when Rajya Sabha at last made the huge stride in, by passing the GST charge in India, after a period long hold up and varieties of open deliberations and talks over it. GST is the greatest change in impose changes India has found in years and has left everybody, from a typical consumer to business people, inquisitive over what transforms it might bring upon.

So let us dive in further, start with how GST is different from VAT

GST and VAT: 

VAT, curtailed for Value Added Tax, is a duty that the State government demands upon the nearby deals, with the percent assess varying structure state to state. Despite the fact that VAT has been outlined with a worry to minimalize the falling impact, the business people still have heaps of extra charges and expense on assessments, for example, Central Sales impose, Excise, Octroi, and so on.

Speedy Points:

• Vat is qualified for the deals inside the state

• Every state has its own compliances

• It is appropriate for products as it were.

Presently with GST in real life, the main change it brings upon is the move of base from state to focal government, which implies focal government would be overseeing and gathering charge income hereafter. this brings together tax assessment changes as well as gives a national market to business people to develop.

Fast Points: 

GST is a bother free trade for VAT, CST, Service assess and so forth.

Better control over expansion

Decrease in purchaser valuing

Decrease in state government income

Consistency in national assessment changes

In this manner, GST can likely give couple of good suggestions for shoppers and an awesome time for SMBs to hit the national market. Having said that, let us observe how GST can impact business in India

Advantages of GST in India: 

• Hassle free expense and compliances administration

• Better SCM and Distribution without any extra assessments like Octroi

• Reduced assembling creation, better net revenue

• Availability of national market, with one single expense.

To finish up with, the impact of GST bill must be found in the years to come, contingent on co-operation from states, flexibility of organizations and abilities of the working staff. Until at that point, it is recently the best foot advances, to give the country a main jump in monetary improvement.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Complete Retail Software GST Ready Ask for Free Demo‎ 91-8286779827

Complete Retail Software - GST Ready. Ask for Free Demo‎- 91-8286779827

Retail Store Management Software. Easy to Use. Fast. Quick implementation.

For Retailers, who own a stand-alone retail store or a chain, UNIRetail is ready-to-use Retail and POS Software. It includes point-of-sale (POS) Billing, Inventory Control, Financial Accounting, Payroll and Customer Loyalty Program..

Call @ +91-8286779827 For Free Demo and Price
Read more detail click here-

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How To Select ERP Manufacturing Software? Tips for Selecting and Implementing an ERP System

ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. Integration is the watchword for ERP. Integration it is the relationship of all the business elements of the organization into single computer system.

VRS ERP software is completely integrated business management system covering functional ranges of an endeavor like Garment manufacturing, Textiles Manufacturing Industries and Fabrics Industries. It organizes and integrates operation processes and information flows to make optimum use of resources such as men, material, money and machine. ERP is a global, tightly integrated closed loop business solution package and is multifaceted.

Purchase ERP Software you don't simply purchase an "Item"

An "item" is typically purchased and utilized as it may be. The ERP framework can be purchased as it is yet can never be utilized as a part of the same way. It needs to experience some workarounds or customization to suit the client's needs, verticals or particular organization's prerequisites.
This means when you do ERP programming determination, you don't simply choose the Product, you additionally select the Service supplier who will execute and redo the Product for you. A more normal term for the Service Provider is an 'execution accomplice'. When you purchase an ERP System, the assessment of the ERP execution accomplice is much more noteworthy than that of the item.

Some Major feature of VRS ERP Software:

  • ERP gives multi-stage, multi-mode producing, multi-cash, multilingual offices.
  • It bolsters key and business arranging exercises, operational arranging and execution exercises, making of materials and assets. Every one of these capacities are adequately incorporated for stream and upgrade of data endless supply of any data.
  • Has end to end store network administration to streamline the general request and supply information. 
  • ERP encourages far reaching coordinated data framework covering every useful territory like assembling, offering and dispersion, payables, receivables, stock records, HR, buys and so on.
  • ERP performs center exercises and builds client's administration, in this manner enlarging the corporate picture.
  • ERP spans the data hole crosswise over associations.
  • ERP gives complete incorporation of frameworks crosswise over divisions as well as crosswise over organizations under the same management.
  • ERP is the answer for better venture management. 

Friday, 12 May 2017

How to Choose the Best POS System for Your Small Business in India

When you’re looking for the best small business point-of-sale (POS) system, it’s important to understand what sorts of tools you need to help run and grow your business. A good POS system for small business lets you process every sale securely and has the right software to help you take care of administrative tasks more efficiently. The kinds of sales you make and the sorts of tasks you need help with depend on your business type.

For any small business POS system, cost (initial as well as ongoing), security, PCI compliance, and usability should be the top factors in choosing the best POS system. This article helps you understand what to look for in a POS system so you can make the right decision for your business.

When do you need a POS system?

If you want to accept credit and debit card payments and have a streamlined system for tracking sales, it’s probably a good idea to invest in a POS system built for small business. Even very small small businesses benefit from a good POS system. Unless you have a solid system for recording each sale electronically, it’s hard to have an accurate understanding of what you’re selling. Basically, the more data you have about your business, the better able you are to make informed decisions. Plus, having a small business POS system helps your business appear more legitimate, which is especially important if you’re just starting out.

Things to consider when choosing the right POS system for your small business:

  •          Initial setup cost (time and money)
  •         Payment processing costs (e.g., % of sale + charge per transaction)
  •          Other monthly processing fees (e.g., PCI-compliance fee, chargeback fees)
  •          Equipment costs/rental fees
  •          POS software fees
  •       PCI compliance (i.e., how you process payments, connect your systems, and manage customers’ data securely)
  •         Level of mobility
  •         Ability to accept EMV chip cards
  •          Ability to accept NFC payments like Apple Pay, Android Pay, and contactless cards
  •          POS software features (e.g., invoices, ability to store customer data safely, inventory management.

 Best POS System for Retail Store

If you own a retail store, you likely need a small business POS system that offers inventory management and can connect to a bar code scanner and receipt printer. Square Point of Sale, our point of sale for small business, does all this and more. We also offer easy-to-use email marketing software with effective templates and sample copy to let your customers know about your sales and special promotions.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Cloud POS Software | Cloud Based Point of Sale Software for Retail Stores

At its most basic, a point of sale (POS) system is like a digital cash register, performing all the operations a register would, but on a computer or mobile device. Most Retail POS software also incorporates tools for running nearly every aspect of your business such as inventory, store management, CRM, reporting etc, all in an easy-to-use and intuitive software suite.

How do you run VRS UNIRetail (POS) Point of Sale Software on Any Device?

Very easily! The screen is laid out intuitively so it makes sense for your business, making it easy to navigate through your inventory and add items to a sale. Or just scan barcodes with a supported scanner. The device is connected wireless to receipt printers and cash drawers, and can connect with a wide range of integrated card processing solution.

Cloud Based Point of Sale Software for Retail Stores

Cloud based POS Software is the latest trend in point of sale software and is becoming increasingly popular. These kinds of systems can be accessed directly from the internet and are often compatible with most POS hardware, (cash drawers, printers, scanners, etc). They tend to offer less of an upfront expense than traditional server based POS systems and provide the ability for merchants to access data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Compare Web-based Point of Sale (POS) Software 

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to selecting this deployment model, particularly in the retail software market, so we’ve written this buyer’s guide to help you understand the benefits, potential pitfalls and popular vendors associated cloud point of sale software.

Cloud POS for Clothing Stores: Point of Sale in the Cloud

VRS UNIRetail  is a cloud based POS software that allows merchant to turn any computer into a fully functional point of sale system. Experience the future of POS software with UNIRetail Software.

Best Point of Sale System for Small Business

Small business owners started thinking about a good point of sale software to add a flexible payment system to their sales, and make their customers happy. This is the most important information to consider, this system store the sales data and all the information in the cloud.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

VRS UNIERP Software for Textile manufacture, Apparel and Home Fashions

VRS software specialized in software solutions for Textile manufacture, Apparel, Home Fashions and Fabrics industries. Textile companies are looking for ERP solutions to fit their specific needs. Both generic and textile specific packages are been used in the industry.

Our Textile Industries ERP Software (Enterprises Resources Planning) is online application Software So you can Secure Login from all over world.

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Contact us- +91-8286779827

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VRS Retail Point of Sale (POS) Software for Billing, Inventory Management Call 8286779827

Some of the most ambitious retail businesses to run are the department stores, which carry a wide range of products that appeal to a large customer base. Department stores require a large number of employees, extensive square footage, and careful planning and day-to-day management. The division of your store into various departments is a complex process that requires intuitive tools to succeed. Thankfully, VRS UNIRetail management solution is prepared to handle your department store management needs. With features built into the system that have department store retailers in mind,VRS UNI Retail Software is the best department store retail software available.

The cost integration center allows sales to be made at multiple cash registers across the store so that each department can offer a checkout area for its customers. All data is fed into the same centralized system, which has the functionality to report on sales by department and by store. Beyond that, 

VRS UNI Retail split-commission capability allows you to track individual sales to multiple employees who each may have had a hand in finalizing the transaction. This type of complex, thorough control over your business exemplifies how our retail software excels in the market.

The software package’s extensive inventory and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases also help boost the sales power of your department store. With CRM, you can collect data from customers at the point of sale and use it to create customized marketing campaigns to support customer loyalty. The Inventory software also supports the creation and use of gift cards and registries. When a customer is at the checkout lane, the software system automatically determines whether the buyer is eligible for any discounts or sales.

Speed up the sales in your department store and solidify your place in the retail market with VRS UNI Retail software.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Managing your Garment store with VRS Apparel UNIRetail software

Clothing stores are some of the most prevalent and consistently popular retail locations in all over India. With fashions phasing in and out almost as fast as you can get to know them, it’s especially important for the Indian retailer working in apparel to be able to control their business and manage it in the most particular of ways. That’s why VRS Retail management software is the superior management system for the apparel retailer in India.

Intelligent Size Analysis allows you to organize your products by size with the use of user-definable attributes that let you label products individually. Then, you can categorize by size, and use historical sales data to determine what the optimal stocking solution would be. You’ll look at which sizes sell the best at what locations. That way you know you’re getting the most out of your merchandise.

The VRS Retail Garment software unique coordinate grouping functionality allows you to match items as a family, which helps you consider them as one entity and potentially even sell it that way. For outfits that come together, this is a great tool for streamlining the sale process.

Seasonal organization capabilities also offer you the ability to cycle out warmer weather clothes when it’s starting to get colder out. Your system will know right away which products belong on the shelves at which times of year, and it will help you optimize based on this information.

Visit the Apparel Retail Software page to learn more about how VRS Software can benefit your clothing store.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

5 must have Retail POS software Features that Ensure the Efficiency of Your Retail Business

VRS UNIRetail POS Software can help organizations in an assortment of ways, including overseeing stock, giving client administration information, distinguishing opportunities and shortcomings in the store. To help, Software Advice recognized the accompanying five must-have POS elements to search for in software. These components can streamline the administration of your store.

Deals Reporting and Analytics: Transparency into Data 

Deals reporting and investigation usefulness permits you to catch and break down your store's business information. Not just does this consequently monitor what's offering great, it likewise indicates the amount of income you're making on every item. This permits you to distinguish and concentrate on driving deals to your top cash making things. Among the POS purchasers who reached Software Advice for help, 76 percent demand deals reporting and investigation abilities.

Client Management: Attract Valuable Customers

Client administration abilities empower retailers to proactively build the amount of excellent clients. These applications gather information on your clients' buy histories, permitting you to recognize your most profitable customers in view of their spend. This offers an extra layer of straight for wardress that retailers without POS software’s can't get.

Employee Management: The Face of Your Business 

In spite of the fact that it can be not entirely obvious, worker administration is a key segment of a well-run retail business. At the base, worker administration abilities, for example, shift planning and time timekeepers, monitor the hour’s representatives are working.

Stock Management: Eliminate Manual Inventory 

Dealing with the amount of on location stock assumes an essential part in the achievement of your store. Inventory management abilities give you an on-interest window into your stock. This empowers you to dispose of inefficiencies, for example, physically checking stock and burrowing through "the back" for a particular thing.

Point of Sale: The Workhorse of the POS System

This last passage may appear glaringly evident, however the product and equipment supporting the checkout procedure certainly warrants saying. Since checkout serves as the essential collaboration among you and your clients, it's important that nothing turns out badly at this stage. POS software decreases the potential for human blunder via robotizing such checkout undertakings as thing gaze upward and value computation.