Monday, 21 March 2016

6 Multi Store Retail Challenges and Their Solutions by VRS Retail software

Are you a multi store retailer looking for solutions to your chain store management problems?
Multi Store Retail Challenges and their Solutions

VRS Retail software has a solution for your inconveniences. The following are 6 difficulties of multi store retailing you might have been confronting and their answers by VRS Retail software:-

1. Availability 

Availability turns into a noteworthy test if taken coolly, in multi-store retailing. Be it a desktop-based framework or an online framework, associating server with customers (store PCs) is an extreme errand.

VRS UNIRetail 6 POS software can offer you some assistance with relaxing in this circumstance. It offers the component of sporadically associated customers. The keen customer innovation permits every area to work freely regardless of the possibility that the web availability is lost. The data gets consequently matched up with the head office at whatever point availability is restored.

2. Data Synchronization 
Data synchronization is second greatest test after Connectivity. In retail, stores work from various topographies (time-zones) and areas (remote-locales) and have diverse working hours (work-hours).

It is crucial to adjust data auspicious with a specific end goal to dissect and make a move as needs be. You might then inquire:
•  How data sync will happen?
•  What will be the time-interim of this synchronization?
•   In what capacity will the framework guarantee that there is no loss of data?

3. Sending 

When you get ready to venture into a multi store retail business, organization comes to you as the third most imperative test. How would you set up the new store with the same frameworks?

VRS Retail software empowers the operations to execute the organization of another store from the head quarter. It permits the creation and setting up of all framework wide settings from the HQ to alternate outlets.

4. Cross-store operations

It is imperative as a multi-store retailer that you offer same worth included managements over every one of your stores. For e.g. return or trade of merchandise, deals returns or issuing of credit notes, client point recovery and conveyance. VRS Retail software permits organizations to perform these exercises centralized and offer a superior client experience.

5. Multi-store reporting 

Getting every day reports from every one of your stores, for e.g. stock and deals reports are critical. Stock and valuation reports furnish you the critical data about where stock is being appropriated. This will offer you some assistance with taking snappy and basic choices in regards to purchasing and exchanging stock.

6. Branch Accounting – Franchised Store, Owned Store 

Multi-store brands work on both organizations possessed and franchised store model. Consequently they require branch records to be overseen midway also locally. VRS Retail software's money related record empowers the fund and records office to deal with the same effectively and proficiently. Incorporated records set aside to 60% of operational time of their fund group.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

How To Solve the Biggest Problems with VRS Retail POS Software Solution

In today’s ultra-competitive world, customers became a lot of cautious whereas buying. With the arrival of on-line business, the amount of choices and buying channels has skyrocketed. To remain at par with the customers' demands, the retailers got to stay updated with the newest retail management systems that area unit blended with technology to relinquish the simplest client services across multiple channels to come up with revenues and drive growth.

The cloud based VRS Software is a billing and inventory management software.

VRS Retail Software for your Retail Shop Store:
• Inventory Management
• Batch Management
• Coupons and Offers
• Event log
• Manage your customers
• Smart Billing Software

VRS Retail POS Software offers the add-on services which will assist you hold your retail business on-line with complete simplicity.

• Bring your look on-line with VRS Retail Software sensible
• No got to pay beyond regular time and efforts to induce your web site designed and developed.
• Get your look on-line in but associate degree hour!
• VRS Software sensible provides a companion e-commerce web site to induce your store on the web terribly quickly.
• All your merchandise, updated costs, stock, net invoices, will be synchronized to your native system with a click of one button.

Grow your Business with VRS Retail Software-

In most little and medium sized retail businesses, at the tip of everyday managers need reports on the entire sales, inventory, purchase orders to be placed so on. Purpose of Sale Software solutions facilitate in addressing lots of the issues business house owners and retailers face once it involves managing inventory and sales.

Advantage of VRS Retail Business Software- 

VRS Retail Software includes a large array of operates designed to assist your business function in an exceedingly sleek and effective manner. Whether or not you run a book store business, a garment store, Departmental store, store or an eating place or the other similar business venture, VRS retail software is the best for your stores.

Here what you will do with VRS Retail Software- 

• Manage your inventory and generating reports.
• Manage Discounts and Offers with ease.
• Customizing invoice as per your business.
• Manage client, worker and provider records.
• Manage your books effectively and perform all accounting actions.
• Keep track of payment records.
• Improve potency and latency of the personnel functioning at the money counters.