Monday, 27 November 2017

Six Things That Make Your Distribution Business Faster & Less Dangerous

VRS UNIRetail-6 Retail Software is a complete solution that can manage every factor of your distribution business. Every features you cannot miss in your UNIRetail six.

GST Related Features

Seeing that a government approved GST Suvidha Provider, we, at VRS Software are with you at every step of your GST move with several useful features.

Apart from these, there were essential releases like reverse charge, freight fee, credit note, debit be aware calculations, GSTR3B, GSTR1 and GSTR2 filing. Using these features can help you enjoy a very smooth transition.

Bill Export and Importance

Conserve 70% of time while entering purchases and investment using this feature. All of us have added an option to import an bill that was exported using Uniretail by your dealer. You no longer have to manually enter a purchase if your provider sends you their released sales invoice.

Export and Email in Invoice Move:

Save 50% manual work by emailing your accounts in a single click! From the Export Bill menu, it is possible to deliver email from the application itself, somewhat than locating the released files on the hard disk drive and manually sending them.

Container Management

Save 73% time with this one time process to effectively track every container. This kind of is a complete solution with base and made containers, mapping multiple storage units to an item, destruction return tracking, advance pay in tracking, validations and individual reports. Reports are available to track the complete pot flow to ensure you are able to see what exactly is happening with your storage units.

E-Commerce Integration

Save 70 percent of your time by integrating your UniRetail to your company's eCommerce website thus automatically reflecting sales orders and ensuring that you accurately track your inventory and sales. Combine completely giving your customers the choice to order online and make certain you always have accurate real-time data about your inventory and your sales orders.

Finish Backup of all company directories

Reinstallation is now a very simple 4 step process! We have provided you with an option of taking the complete back-up for all the company databases of all the finanical years, which helps in the easy reinstallation of DE6 when you need to get some new computer.

Ensure that your repository is secure even if your computer or hard disk crash completely with Google Drive Integration. This may save a lot of time and keep your details completely secure. When you need to put in UniRetail-6 on a new system, you simply need to map the database available on Google Drive.

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