Monday, 27 February 2017

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Some of the most ambitious retail businesses to run are the department stores, which carry a wide range of products that appeal to a large customer base. Department stores require a large number of employees, extensive square footage, and careful planning and day-to-day management. The division of your store into various departments is a complex process that requires intuitive tools to succeed. Thankfully, VRS UNIRetail management solution is prepared to handle your department store management needs. With features built into the system that have department store retailers in mind,VRS UNI Retail Software is the best department store retail software available.

The cost integration center allows sales to be made at multiple cash registers across the store so that each department can offer a checkout area for its customers. All data is fed into the same centralized system, which has the functionality to report on sales by department and by store. Beyond that, 

VRS UNI Retail split-commission capability allows you to track individual sales to multiple employees who each may have had a hand in finalizing the transaction. This type of complex, thorough control over your business exemplifies how our retail software excels in the market.

The software package’s extensive inventory and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases also help boost the sales power of your department store. With CRM, you can collect data from customers at the point of sale and use it to create customized marketing campaigns to support customer loyalty. The Inventory software also supports the creation and use of gift cards and registries. When a customer is at the checkout lane, the software system automatically determines whether the buyer is eligible for any discounts or sales.

Speed up the sales in your department store and solidify your place in the retail market with VRS UNI Retail software.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Managing your Garment store with VRS Apparel UNIRetail software

Clothing stores are some of the most prevalent and consistently popular retail locations in all over India. With fashions phasing in and out almost as fast as you can get to know them, it’s especially important for the Indian retailer working in apparel to be able to control their business and manage it in the most particular of ways. That’s why VRS Retail management software is the superior management system for the apparel retailer in India.

Intelligent Size Analysis allows you to organize your products by size with the use of user-definable attributes that let you label products individually. Then, you can categorize by size, and use historical sales data to determine what the optimal stocking solution would be. You’ll look at which sizes sell the best at what locations. That way you know you’re getting the most out of your merchandise.

The VRS Retail Garment software unique coordinate grouping functionality allows you to match items as a family, which helps you consider them as one entity and potentially even sell it that way. For outfits that come together, this is a great tool for streamlining the sale process.

Seasonal organization capabilities also offer you the ability to cycle out warmer weather clothes when it’s starting to get colder out. Your system will know right away which products belong on the shelves at which times of year, and it will help you optimize based on this information.

Visit the Apparel Retail Software page to learn more about how VRS Software can benefit your clothing store.