Tuesday, 30 August 2016

What Everyone Must Know About start a retail business in India

Retail business has always been a good choice for many business owners; it is one of the most common business yet a much demanded business. There is a need of retail store in every area, every mall, every city, and every town. The business can differ in genre but it is required everywhere and hence provides excellent business.

First of all you will have to learn if retail business is for you

You might make a very good career out of retail business if you possess certain qualities that are required to be a successful retail business owner.


When you start a business you must be willing to take up all the work that comes along with it. As it is your business you cannot expect someone else to come and take over all the work while you watch. When you work under a company usually you are responsible for just one task but when it comes to being an owner you have the entire business to look after. Thus you must find out if you are capable of multitasking.

Risk handling-

With every business and work comes a risk that is unavoidable. Since when you take up any responsibility and go on your own way, you invite risks. So to know if you can really handle a business you must find out how good you are in risk management. Risk handling skill is extremely useful for, if you never take up risks you will never grow.

Can turn an eye from paycheck-

When you take a decision on having your own business you cannot expect a paycheck anymore. If you cannot deal with not getting paid on the right time every month you will need to learn or rethink about going ahead with your business. As a retail business owner when you start a business most of your income will go to the inventory and that might make it look like you are hardly having any profit but when you start a business you must be ready to spend before you expect anything out of it.

Can handle being alone

When you take a path of an entrepreneur it is lonely and you cannot depend on people. Thus you need to know that you can be alone and manage your business by yourself. The decisions and the life of your business depends on you and the responsibilities can be huge and to take it all up alone you must be prepared to bear it all.

The right location-

While deciding on the business that you want to take up, deciding the location for your retail business is also very important. You cannot open a retail store for expensive clothing in a neighbourhood who only go to local stores for purchasing their clothing. Make sure your store is in demand in the area you want to open your business. You don’t need a supermarket in a area where there are already 4 to 5 supermarkets. Start it somewhere near a residential area and it will be helpful for the customers and bring you good profit.

Working from home-

Working from home is easy and simple. You can have your own time and work easily with not having to interact with too many people . But this brings limitations for your business. As there will be less buyers and you will not be able to advertise your business properly. Therefore it is always better for you to come out of your comfort zone and start a business.

While selecting a city for your retail store keep the following in the mind:

  • Size of the trading area of the city
  • Customer trends and size of the population
  • Purchasing power of the customers
  • Retail trade potential
  • Number and size of competition
  • Quality of competition
  • Choosing the location in the city:
  • Nature of competition
  • Traffic
  • Appearance of the area
  • Geographically suitable
  • Neighborhood
  • Accessibility
  • Landlords

Legal documents-

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