Friday, 26 February 2016

POS Software for Retail Billing, Inventory & Accounting software- VRS Retail Software

VRS Retail POS Software, POS Retail Billing System Software India

In the increasingly competitive and fast changing Retail Industry, retailers need to use all the tools at their disposal to operate more efficiently and increase revenue. Faced with mounting pressure to enter new sales channels, changing consumer demands, and continuing globalization, retail companies need information management solutions that allow them to make better business decisions.

Retailers are under relentless pressure to streamline processes, survive shrinking profits, shepherd inventory, summon up innovative sales and marketing programs and share information in real-time across stores, channels and system boundaries.

Retailers handle immense amounts of information – everything from supply chains to sales information to store operations. It’s hard to keep track of important information and even to know which information is valuable, and retail companies need the tools to take advantage of the myriad information at their disposal. The information technology available today allows retailers to make better business decisions and to better target performance goals. VRS Software offers the retail industry the UniRetail 6 software to report on, analyze, and monitor the vast amount of data.

Applying UniRetail 6 to the Needs of Retailers 

Sales and  Profitability Analysis:- Product sales analysis enables retailers to continuously monitor point-of-sale data to uncover sales trends, track product demand, and optimize merchandising strategies. VRS Software’s multiple levels of analysis allow executives, store managers, product managers, and marketing analysts, as well as external suppliers, to make sense of the growing volume of transactional data by identifying trends and opportunities.

Customer Analysis

Understanding customer behaviour is essential to survive in today’s retail environment. VRS Software’s Uniretail 6 helps retailers monitor customer life cycles and profitability by tracking customer interactions.

Supplier Performance Management

With extensive networks of suppliers, retailers need the tools to maximize supplier performance both individually and across their networks. VRS Software’s enables retailers to evaluate supply chain activities, logistic operations, and vendor performance across a wide range of variables.


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