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VRS ERP Software for Apparel and Textiles industries- VRS Software

VRS UniERP Software For Garment Manufacturing Industries- 

India’s garment industry is huge and exports are growing exponentially. As a result, the garment industry is expanding both in size and volumes.
The important segments covered in the textile industry include home decor and furnishings along with clothing and fashion accessories for children, women and men.

Importance of ERP in Manufacturing:

 UniERP is one of the leading enterprise software solution for Garment manufacturing that facilitates manufacturers to streamline their business and integrate information across departments and locations. Having the maximum number of variables in orders, items, events to be tracked, and much more, their management is the key to success. ERP system addresses these with ease and helps garment manufacturers accurately track their orders’ status, change design, Bill of Material, trace the product in its route, apply quality checks at every junction and then dispatch it to the customers.

Apparel Manufacturers ERP Features-

UniERP offers a wide array of features that aid the textile industry to combat the challenges faced by them:

  • Efficiently plans your purchase and production orders.
  • Effectively manages sales activities i.e. generates sales quotations,orders, invoices and manages customers, pricing, discounts etc.
  • Successfully incorporates the common purchasing activities from  vendor quotes, indents, orders through receiving, inspecting, cost  accrual and vendor payment.
  • Tracks items by serial/lot numbers and allows complete physical as      well as cycle counting.
  • Efficiently updates the inventory status after each transaction.
  • Meets the ever changing customer requirements via Bill of Material.
  • Tracks Labor Transactions and Manufacturing Order costs.
  •  Raw Material Requirement.
  • Goods Inwards: All Materials (Accessories, Ready Goods & other           items).
  • Goods Issue: All Materials to production (Accessories & other items).
  • Job/Cutting Card (Cutting Instruction Report).
  • Job (Process) Receive: Semi finished / finished goods.
  • Job (Process) Issue: Semi finished goods issue for another process.
  • Process Transfer – From one Jobber to another Jobber.
  • Accessories Consumption – process wise.
  • Finished goods (Ready stock) purchase / Trading Purchase.

All Documents Printing :  Purchase Order, Goods Inward Note, Goods Issue Note, Job Card/Cutting Program, Job Receive Note, Job Issue Note, Accessories Issue Slip, Finished Purchase Note, Goods Return Note, Cheque, Envelop Printing, Payment & Recipe Vouchers etc.).

Stock Reports .

  •  Bar code printing.
  •  Packing list/Delivery Challan.
  •  Tax Invoice / Sales Return.
  •  Accounts: Complete accounting till finalization .

Benefits of VRS UniERP Software

  • Automate and Streamline Business Process With Greater Adaptability.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Improve Productivity.
  • Expand Sales.
  • Improve Customer Service.
  • Increase Revenue.
  • Reduce Operating Costs.
  • Meet Complex Inventory Requirement.
  • Improve Project Management for Customized Order.
  • Support wide range of Manufacturing Process and Business Model.

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